Invest in Lincoln Arts Today!

Make a Gift to Lincoln Arts!

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Make a Gift to Lincoln Arts!

This is the time of year we give thanks for all we have been able to accomplish. None of it could have been done without your support. Thanks to your generosity, our cornerstone program – upstArt – brought arts into 11 schools, community centers and the Youth Services Center Pathfinder Program. We brought enriching art opportunities to over 2,500 Lincoln children to empower a diverse group of youth to channel their creativity and build their confidence.

Individual donors like you make it a reality and provide the most sustainable funding for the arts in our community.

Bob Reeker, art teacher at Elliott Elementary states, “Art has the power and impact to change lives. The innovative thinking, problem solving and varied perspectives that art affords humans makes both individuals and society better and stronger. Art also adds so much joy and beauty to our lives. “

UpstArt is about more than providing access to arts education. It bridges the gap for students with limited resources and opportunities. LAC puts a focus on Title 1 schools to give students the opportunity for a more equitable life experience. With your financial support, LAC will be able to continue, and expand upstArt in 2020.

Your gift today will help fund new projects such as one at Campbell Elementary in the coming year. Noted Lincoln artist Tom Meyers is undertaking a year-long project working with 4th graders to create a mural to celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary. The theme is Joy, and the mural will represent that universal word in all of the more than 25 languages spoken at the school. The words will overlay student art that depicts their own view of joy. And because Beethoven's 9th symphony is joy's greatest artistic statement, students will put their own words to his famous Ode to Joy to create a school song.

Together we do change lives!