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Making Art is Therapeutic

Life’s too short to spend doing things you don’t love. It wasn’t until Kristin Wilson was diagnosed with cancer that she came to realize this truth.

Before then, Kristin had loved all things art, even securing a degree in fine arts from UNL, but she had not been able to build a life around art solely. For years, Kristin held different jobs to make ends meet—until her diagnosis threw things into perspective.

“Having cancer was a profound and transformative experience, that led me to decide that I need to focus on creating art and share that with others,” the aspiring artist recalled. “Now I’m putting all my energy, heart and soul into my art.”

That heart and soul-fueled inspiration has created many bright and cheerful pieces, like the work pictured above. Enough pieces, in fact, to get Kristin noticed within the local arts scene and featured in the 2022 Lincoln Arts Festival as one of 12 Emerging Artists, or first-time festival artists.

“Making art is therapeutic," Kristin said. “It helps me to process, understand and express things I can’t put into words, and to take those dark times in my life and create from them some beauty and light.”

With donors like you, we can continue to provide new artists like Kristin with the opportunities to share their light via art. Because when you give to Lincoln Arts, you’re really giving our local artists the tools they need to do so—like a tent for their booth and display materials for their artwork. That way, artists can focus on doing what they love.

After all, life is pretty short. You may as well spend it doing what you love.

What’s more is you gift to Lincoln Arts will hold that much more impact this year. Thanks to two anonymous donors, the first $10,000 in donations will be matched dollar for dollar! If you give now, your impact will go further!

Thank you for considering a donation to support artists like Kristin in 2023.