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Growing Together: Your Impact Through Lincoln Arts

How the Arts Help Us Grow

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We know that the arts bring some of the best things in life. Engagement. Identity. Growth. Joy. We also know that not everyone gets to experience what the arts have to offer. That is why Lincoln Arts strives to promote accessible arts experiences and opportunities for all. And that is why Lincoln Arts makes a point of using the arts to better people’s—all people’s—lives. And it starts with you.

From art projects with the Autism Family Network, to diversity initiatives with the Crossroads Music Festival, the arts make Lincoln a better place to live, work, and thrive. We are here to make sure our community continues to have access to the arts—especially those with limited access and resources. Those like David.

Day-to-day, elementary school student David was deemed a troublemaker by many. A distraction to his classmates, unable to focus, a regular visitor at the principal’s office. But once our upstArt programming took residence at his school, something changed. Rather, something clicked.

To the surprise of faculty—and to the delight of our resident teaching artist, Danny Reneau—David was the most present, hardworking, and passionate out of his peers in the program. He was good-natured, focused. He used more paper than any of his classmates, teaching artist, Danny, noted, constantly working on a new project.

“Students like David are the reasons programs like upstArt are so important to our community," Danny said. "Children are given new skills and experiences and I was given the opportunity to learn and grow.”

David's story is just one of the many experiences you help us bring to the Lincoln community. But in just this one experience, you fostered a lifetime of growth. Think of how many more experiences you can create and lives you can touch, when you give back to Lincoln Arts.

Because When You Give, You Make Impact

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